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Welcome to the Hidden Shores Homeowner Association website. We are located off of Hwy. 98 in Gulf Breeze, FL on Reserve Blvd. This website has been established for the convenience of the Owners to allow you to quickly and efficiently find the information you need about your community. It is the goal of the Board of Directors to offer the most important information about your Association conveniently and in one place through this website. Some of the information available includes, information about the Association and the Board of Directors as well as important contact information, news, events, links, newsletters, documents, meeting minutes, etc.



Etheridge Property Management works off the direction of the Hidden Shores Board of Directors as the Management Company for the Association. A list of their duties & responsibilities can be found under the Community Information page of this site. 

We've included a F.A.Q. page to assist in answering any questions that you may have about Hidden Shores Homeowner's Association and the surrounding community. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, please feel free to contact management or one of the Association's Board Members or Committee Members for assistance. 

We thank you for being the best part of Hidden Shores and thank you for visiting our site to get to know your community and all about the Hidden Shores Homeowner's Association. 

Hidden Shores Board of Directors 


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The association has recently experienced an increase in the number of trash can violations throughout the association, either not be stored out of view, or being left on the street after the days of pick-up. Section 7 of the CCR's indicates that all trash container are to be concealed from view immediately after pick up! 

Garbage Collection (Gray Can): Thursday

*Yard waste can may be used as second trash can*

Recycling Collection (Blue Can): Wednesday

Yard Waste Collection (Brown Can): Wednesday


Section 7 - Trash.  All garbage and trash containers, oil tanks, bottled gas tanks and the like shall be kept clean and sanitary, and must be positioned underground, placed in a walled-in area or screened from view so that they shall not be visible from any Lot line. No Lot shall be used or maintained as a dumping ground for rubbish, trash, garbage or other waste.

Be BEAR-Wise!

Florida Black Bears do not hibernate and are always looking for that easy meal!

Please remember that trash cans are required to be in the garage or behind an approved screened area and secured; your trash cans are required to be brought out no earlier than 5:00 p.m. on the night before pick up and to be removed promptly the next day after pick up!

For more information on the Florida Black Bear and how to be BEAR-Wise, visit:


Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commissions

Traffic Calming Implementations, Post Ca

2019 MSBU

The Board of Directors has established an MSBU Committee in order to assist in the organization and expedition of the 2019 MSBU process. Click below for the most up to date information about what an MSBU is and where your Board and MSBU Committee are at in this process. 


Lately, there have been an increase in the number of reports of excessive mosquito's around the property. If you are interested in pest control and mosquito control, feel free to contact Mosquito Joe to address your concerns. 

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Conact Us


The Hidden Shores Homeowners Association employs Kevin Etheridge of Etheridge Property Management as the Association Manager. The Management Company is your point of contact for all Association affairs (assessments, upkeep of the common areas, etc.) Please contact them with any concerns or suggestions that would benefit and improve our neighborhood.

Etheridge Property Management

c/o Hidden Shores H.O.A.

908 Gardengate Circle

Pensacola, FL 32504

Office: (850) 484-2611

Fax: (850) 484-2925

Thank you for contacting Etheridge Property Management!

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